Antegria token


Antegria Token: On Day 5 a man with proper papers says that his wife is next and asks for you to allow her. Point out the discrepancy in her papers, then allow her regardless. Artotska Token: On Day 12 an Artotskan will give you four business cards to pass out to engineers. Distribute all four before he returns on Day 16. Republia Token:

Unfortunately her papers are incorrect. After pointing this out to her, let her though anyway and she will give you the token … Aug 26, 2018 Aug 08, 2013 If approved with or without interrogation, she gives the inspector the Antegria token and thanks the inspector. This also unlocks a related achievement, but will lead to a citation for ignoring the lack of an entry permit. If denied, she walks back to the Kolechian side saying that the inspector has doomed her. On day 12 an Artotskan is looking for engineers, and will give you 4 business cards. If you manage to give them to 4 different engineers, before he returns on day 16, you will get this token. Republia: Day 21-23, The Watch On day 21 a guy will come to you … Antegria Token Collect the hidden Antegria Token .

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Republia Token. Collect the hidden Republia Token. 1 guide. Impor Token. Collect the hidden Impor Token. 1 guide 1 guide. United Federation Token.

Full list of all 13 Papers, Please trophies - 7 bronze and 6 silver. It takes around 8-10 hours to unlock all of the trophies on PlayStation Vita.

Antegria token

Impor Token. Collect the hidden Impor Token. Obristan Token. Aug 14, 2014 · Antegria Token .

Antegria token

The issuing city (ISS.) is a document feature listed on a passport. It indicates the location where an entrant obtained their passport in their respective country. There may be discrepancies such as misspelled cities or a city that is not in the corresponding country which can result in the entrant being detained.

Antegria token

1188. 28 Jul 2017 He will apologize, and give you the bribe and the token. (REPUBLIA) Day 25: The fifth entrant will give you a love note. Give it to the depressed  2019년 7월 4일 Collect the hidden Obristan Token.

Antegria token

Antegria is a country to the west of Arstotzka. It is one of the four countries that do not border Arstotzka directly. A fleeing couple says they are fleeing from Antegrian tyranny.

Antegria Token ----- On Day Five, approve the 8th Entrant, a male Antegrian. The 9th entrant will be a female Antegrian, married to the previous entrant, who is missing her entry permit. Approve her entry anyways to receive this Token and Achievement. Antegria is a country to the west of Arstotzka. It is one of the four countries that do not border Arstotzka directly.

The 8th visitor is a man of Antegria that says : "Finally I have escaped from the tirany of Antegria". He has all his papers right but his wife doesnt, if you let her pass you will receive the Antegria Token. To unlock the "Antegrian Token" trophy in Papers, Please, you must allow a husband and wife through to Arstotzka despite some discrepancies. The event occurs on Day 5, November 27th. The eighth entrant is an Antegrian male. His papers are valid and you must let him through.

Antegria token

Приходит мужчина, у него все документы в  Republia [RPB] ICO rating 3.4 out of 5.0, reviews, whitepaper, token price, start and end dates, exchanges, team, and financial data - Republia is a large-scale  Obristan Token. Collect the hidden Antegria Token. Collect the hidden Antegria Token Federation Token. Collect the hidden United Federation Token. +5  8 May 2020 Antegria Token: Day 5, a man with proper papers says his wife is next and asks to allow her. Her papers are wrong, point out the discrepency,  Republia (RPB) рейтинг 8.0 из 10. Подробная информация об ICO, whitepaper, дата начала, дата окончания, цена токена, команда, дорожная карта,  Antegria Token: An Antegrian man with the right paper will come on Day 5, along with his wife.

Collect the hidden Antegria Token. 1 guide.

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Republia Token: Antegria Token Collect the hidden Antegria Token 23.1% Rare: 29.22% Uncommon: Republia Token Collect the hidden Republia Token 8.7% Very Rare: 13.16% Rare: Impor Token Collect the hidden Impor Token 13.2% Very Rare: 19.27% Rare: Obristan Token Aug 08, 2013 · Antegria Token. Collect the hidden Antegria Token.